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Country : France

Nickname :  Maumau

Born on: 29/09/1992 (21 y.o)

In: Mont-Saint-Aignan (France)

Weight: 99 kg

Height: 1’81 m

Twitter : @Jeremmaurouard



Club Career: 

Since 2011: Racing Metro 92



International Career:

France U19




Born in Normandie, more precisely at Mont-Saint-Aignan, Jeremie started rugby quite late, at the age of 14, in a region of France where rugby hasn’t shown his real potential. Three short years after feeling the meadow grass, he arrives in the region Hauts-de-Seine called and picked by Alain Gazon a specialist in youth recruiting. Not an easy adventure for a countryside teenager, which where he loves going every once in a while, to arrive alone in the capital city within a rising and reviving club. Tenacious would be the right term to qualify Jeremie, after having a rough time during the first year, he entered the youth group the following year and became youth champion of pool 3 in 2011. This same year, he was rewarded of his first national cap with the U19 French team. Arrived at that achievement, he decided to entirely devote himself to his rugby career. Last year, his impact and desire to vanquish lead Buononato and Cabaj’s youth squad, who named him their prop, all the way to the final. It is at only 20 years old that he joins the professional group, definitively with a lot of hard labour still to achieve, a task that his parents taught him well, his father being a Butcher. 

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